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Cal Club Autocross Solo Committee (aka Club Representatives)
Club    Representative  Alternate
CASOC    George Schilling  Randy Gonzalez
GRA    Chris Teague  TBD
No$    KJ Christopher  Mike Simanyi
PSCC    Rick Brown  Eric Clements
SCNAX    Jon Hartendorp  Sean FenstermacherAnthony Porta
TCC    Gayle Jardine  Maggie Jardine
Morgan+4    Cal Woolsey  TBD
Executive Board (aka E-Board)
(includes Sub-Committee, Special Activity Committee)
Title    Name
Chairman    Stephen Yeoh - CASOC
Vice-Chairman    Sebastian Rios - SCNAX
Treasurer    Anthony Porta - SCNAX
Secretary    Kevin Pao - SCNAX
Title    Name
Rules Committee Chairman    Michael Palero - SCNAX
Communication Committee Chairman    Lauren Kane - SCNAX
Special Activity Committee
Title    Name
Membership Chairman    Mike Nakata - SCNAX
Timing & Scoring Wizard    Rick Brown - PSCC
Pointskeepers/Historian    Christine Grice - CASOC, John Fendel - CASOC
Equipment Managers    Eric Clements - PSCC
Lot Chairpersons    Mike Simanyi - No$, KJ Christopher - No$
Divisional Solo Steward    Tom Berry - CASOC
Novice Coordinators    Leonard Cachola - SCNAX
Chief of Waivers    Gayle Jardine - TCC
Webmasters    Stephen Yeoh - CASOC, Will Kalman - PSCC, Leonard Cachola - SCNAX
Forums/Message Boards Administrator    TBD