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Event Information
Pomona Formula Motorsports
presents a Practice Event:
PFM's May Day Practice
When:  Saturday, May 28, 2005
Where:  Auto Club Speedway
Fees:  $70 for adults
$30 for kid karts that will run during the lunch break.
Event Info has changed, please re read before event.

event is full, please do not send checks.
The last day for cancelations is Wedensday may 25th! 
Times:  Registration and Tech Open at 7:00 am and will close at 10:00 AM.

course closed for walking/worker check in at 8:15am
course hot at 8:30am!
80 min run groups, 3 before lunch and 3 after. you will work two groups (one before, one after lunch) and drive the other 4 groups.

Lunch will be 30 mins at around 1pm.

Should finish around 6pm.

Multi drivers will be handled as two seperate drivers who will work in seperate work groups. During the sessions that neither drivers are working (one in the morning
and one after lunch) there will be a mulit driver line that will run twice as often as the other lines. It will be the drivers responsibility to make
sure that the laps are split evenly for those sessions.

We will stop the event for worker changes as it is both difficult to get people to stop driving while the event is still going and not fair to those who show up on time while others delay. Fast worker changes means more laps.

Cal Poly Burgers, dogs, and Boca for a donation 
Safety:  Helmets must be at least SNELL 90 (some loaner helmets will be available)
No Alcohol or intoxicants may be used on the event site.

Children under 18 must have a waiver signed by both parents. Waiver forms availabe at
Special Rules:  Closed exhaust: 95 dBA will be monitored.

Work Groups: Workers will be called 15 min prior to group.

The event organizers reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

Event Officials reserve the right to make changes to the event. 
Event Officials:  EventMaster -
Registration -
Timing and Scoring -
Course Designer -
Tech -
Gate -
Safety Steward -
Dave Monette
Marshall Grice
Scott Borg
Christine Grice
Dustin Torkay
Justin Beardsley
Bob Jardine

This event is sanctioned by the SCCA and operated by the Cal Club Region.
It is held under the SCCA Solo Rules and Cal Club Supplemental Regulations

Pre-registration is not available for this event.