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Photos Here:
-- Mako Koiwai
Great flowing course, and easy but with 2 tricky spots. Nice job Art.
-- Giovanni Jaramillo

Most Valuable Car
1 Civic (Paul's) 556.907
2 '06 WRX Sti 559.608
3 Integra (John's) 562.691
4 WRX Wagon 564.250
5 M3 (Jack's) 564.788

PAX Driver (Car Pax Only)
1 Kai Hur 114 562.582
2 Will Kalman 232 562.729
3 George Schilling 73 564.874
4 Craig Naylor 80 564.941
5 Greg Peng 908 564.994

Most Valuable Driver (With Drivers Pax)
1 Terry Free 548 494.291
2 Samira Mahjoub 213 497.618
3 Fernando Huang 868 502.246
4 Simon Lu 338 505.226
5 Andi Mast 259 507.609

1 Vixen Racing 2055.339
2 Cone Crashers 2061.261
3 Team Motocrew 2066.774
4 Team Blow-U-Away 2087.280
5 Team Rice Payload 2094.394
6 Yellow Snow Cones 2099.466
7 Team Blew It 2105.026
8 Slide 2108.809
9 Spin 2174.498
10 Team Scandanavian Flick 2177.356

>SCNAX Cup>2005 SCNAX Score Sheet

Jay W
505/287 Dakota

-- Jayson Woodruff
Great organized event! Sessions went very fast for my group (Yellow)I was just doing practice on Saturday. I would like to try and form a team for next year's competition. Here's my in-car video of one run:
-- Patrick Phuaphes
This course was an absolute menace to s2000's.. but at least we got practice drift sessions in. =) I have the most fun at the SCNAX cup than other events of the year. Thanks to everyone making this cup possible, and thanks to all the participants who entered to make this a challenge.
-- Kai Hur
Great day on Sunday, but sorry I had to miss out on this year's Cup.
-- Bob Beamesderfer

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  Says it all ...
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Mako Koiwai
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Kai Hur
Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Simon Lu
Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
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Ken Lee
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Ken Lee
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Ken Lee
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Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
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Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee
  Photo submitted by
Ken Lee

Event Information
Sport Compact National Autocross Club
presents a Practice Event:
SCNAX CUP IV, Team Competition and Practice Event
When:  Saturday, October 01, 2005 through Sunday, October 02, 2005
Where:  Auto Club Speedway
Fees:  Weekend Entry for SCNAX Cup will be $100 per Driver">SCNAX Cup Participants please include this entry form

Practice only entries will be $50/day

Expect 12 runs/day. 
Times:  First car out each day at 8:30am

Tech/Reg each day 7am-8:30am

Course walking each day from 7:30am-8:15am and, time permiting, at lunch.

Run/Work Groups each day will be as follows:

Run Work Rest
Session 1 Red Yellow Blue, Green
Session 2 Blue Yellow Red, Green
Session 3 Green Red Yellow, Blue
Session 4 Yellow Red Green, Blue
Lunch Break
Session 5 Blue Green Yellow, Red
Session 6 Yellow Green Blue, Red
Session 7 Red Blue Green, Yellow
Session 8 Green Blue Red, Yellow

Lunch may be removed if behind schedule
Safety:  No alcohol may be consumed by anyone on the event site.

Helmets must conform to Snell 90 or newer. Some loaner helmets will be available. 
Special Rules:  Quick summary of the event:

Event will be ran as a 2day practice with the sub-plot of the SCNAX Cup Competition.

4 drivers, 4 cars to a team. All four cars can not all be of the same drive (FWD, RWD, 4WD).

Gory details can be found at the">SCNAX Forums

Non-Cup drivers will be allowed to drive in the event as a normal practice. Non-cup entries will be held until about 10days before the event then put on the entry list as space allows. I expect about 40 availible non-cup entry spots.

Please send all SCNAX Cup and Non-Cup entries to:

Jayson Woodruff
136 Clearbrook
Irvine, Ca 92614

Make checks payable to: SoCal Solo2

SCNAX Cup entrants please remember to include the">entry form.

Closed exhaust; the 95db noise standard may be monitored.

Event officials reserve the right to make changes to event operations. 
Event Officials:  EventMaster -
Registration -
Timing and Scoring -
Course Designer -
Tech -
Gate -
Safety Steward -
Art Rinner
Kai Hur
Jayson Woodruff
Art Rinner
Guy Walker

Renee Angel

This event is sanctioned by the SCCA and operated by the Cal Club Region.
It is held under the SCCA Solo Rules and Cal Club Supplemental Regulations

Pre-registration is not available for this event.