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presents a Practice Event:
Any Colder and We'd Have to Wear Clothes
When:  Saturday, August 18, 2007
Where:  Auto Club Speedway
Fees:  Limited to 80 participants
CASOC members $25 (must work), all others $60
CASOC members and guests should get their entries in two weeks prior to ensure your spot. The remaining spots will be filled by lottery from all checks recieved by August 4. Those who don't make the cut will have their checks shredded.

Make checks payable to: So Cal Solo2

Send entries to:

Mr. Steven Ekstrand
c/o Honduh Fatman Go-Kart Racing
1546 Coolidge Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104 
Times:  Tech/Registration 7:00am - 8:30
Course closes for walking at 8:25am.
Drivers meeting 8:40am.
First car out at 9:00am.

12 runs each (3 runs per session marked off in grid)

Four run groups: one working, two running, one resting before work.

Each participant will work twice, about 45 minutes each.

One hour for lunch 
Safety:  Helmets must conform to Snell 95 or newer. Somoe loaners will be available.
Held under the SCCA Solo Rules and the CSCC Solo Supplemental Regulations.
Children under 18 years old MUST have a waiver signed by BOTH parents.
Waiver forms are available at
No alcohol or other intoxicants may be used by anyone on the event site.
Closed exhaust - 95db noise standard. Event officials reserve the right to make changes as needed without further notice. 
Special Rules:  Instructors will be available to any GRA member upon request.

If you haven't thanked Mari Clements for all the time she puts in auditing at the championships so that we can get the results up quickly, today would be a good day to do that. Her entry is on me. Thanks Mari

Maybe you haven't noticed that Rick Brown is there in the morning setting up and is there in the evening taking down. When something goes wrong during the day, he's there to fix the problem. Have some runs on us. Thanks Rick 
Event Officials:  EventMaster -
Registration -
Timing and Scoring -
Course Designer -
Tech -
Gate -
Safety Steward -
George Schilling
Steve Ekstrand
Rick Brown
Tom Berry
John Fendel
Reijo Silvennoinen
Eric Clements

This event is sanctioned by the SCCA and operated by the Cal Club Region.
It is held under the SCCA Solo Rules and Cal Club Supplemental Regulations

Pre-registration is not available for this event.