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Event Information
No Bucks
presents a Practice Event:
Yuki is in Charge!
When:  Saturday, June 14, 2008
Where:  Auto Club Speedway
Fees:  Event limited to 80 entrants! no exceptions... unless you bring Renee and I something and it better be worth it =)

$25 for NO$ members. First 40 spots are reserved for NO$ members only. To hold your entry spot, sent money to Renee as well as email her no later then June 2nd.

$60 for All others. After June 2nd, all remaining spots will open to non-NO$ members. Any non-No$ entry post marked before June 2nd will be shredded.

UPDATED as of MAY 22
>>For those of you who HAVE NOT sent in their check yet, please wait till JUNE 2nd. We realize that it is unfair for those who did follow the direction and your checks will be counted first.
>>For those of you HAVE ALREADY sent in your check, you can either: A) send in your check again on JUNE 2nd and your first check will be voided and you will have priority (look below) or B) do nothing BUT your check will be counted IF AND ONLY THERE ARE SPOTS OPEN after the checks who followed the directions.

1. NO$ first 40 spots
2. NON NO$ who sent in their check ON or AFTER JUNE 2nd
3. NON NO$ who send in their check BEFORE JUNE 2nd

Checks should be made out to "So Cal Solo 2".
Mail checks to:
Renee Angel
2437 Imperial Place
Ontario, CA 91761. 
Times:  Mandatory drivers meeting at 8:30 a.m.
Course walking 7:00-8:30am, possibly at lunch (estimate 15 min walk and 15 min to get next work group on course)
Registration/Tech 7:00 am to 8:30am (PLEASE REGISTER FIRST, choose work group) 
Safety:  Helmets must conform to Snell 95 or newer. Somo loaners will be available.
Held under the SCCA Solo Rules and the CSCC Solo Supplemental Regulations.

Children under 18 years old MUST have a waiver signed by BOTH parents.
Waiver forms are available at

No alcohol or other intoxicants may be used by anyone on the event site. 
Special Rules:  NOTE: ALL COMPETITORS MUST BE SCCA MEMBERS. A WEEKEND SCCA MEMBERSHIP WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR $5. DO NOT SEND RENEE YOUR $5! She will only give you a hard time for giving her more work. Just bring it with you on the day.

Closed exhaust - 95db noise standard.

Entrants will be selected based on their post mark order.
The entry list will be placed on the message board the week prior to the event.
If you have to cancel and we can fill your spot or you do not make the entry list, we will destroy your check.
Event officials reserve the right to make changes as needed without further notice!

1 A B C D
2 D B A C
3 D C B A
4 A C D B
5 B A C D
6 D A B C
7 D C A B
8 B C D A

READ CAREFULLY! this event will run almost like CASOC practice, BUT group D and C are the same but groups A and B are switched for the morning and afternoon. I made it so that each group will all be able to run back to back run groups to be fair. Sorry if you don't like it... =) First come first choice on your group. 
Event Officials:  EventMaster -
Registration -
Timing and Scoring -
Course Designer -
Tech -
Gate -
Safety Steward -
Yuki Haneda
Renee Angel

Craig Angel
Tom Phillips
Adam Richter
Brian Chmielewski

This event is sanctioned by the SCCA and operated by the Cal Club Region.
It is held under the SCCA Solo Rules and Cal Club Supplemental Regulations

Pre-registration is not available for this event.