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Event Information
CSCC Solo2 Executive Board
presents a Practice Event:
FSAE volunteers and Governor's Ball Practice
When:  Saturday, September 13, 2008
Where:  Auto Club Speedway
Fees:  $60 for non-FSAE volunteers; free the first 60 eligible FSAE volunteers submitted by noon on Thursday, September 4th.

Make checks payable to So Cal Solo 2. Do not send cash or money orders.

Send points card number and payment (if applicable), along with your choice of primary and alternate work group and co-driver info to:

Mike Simanyi
12771 Eveningside Dr.
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Eligible FSAE volunteers may also e-mail their request with work group and alternate preference and co-driver info to:

mikes at newportacceptance dot com.

As you may expect, your primary and alternate run group choices are not guaranteed.

Event officials reserve the right to make changes arbitrarily and without prior written notice of the NFL, NBA or FBI.

All entrants MUST BE SCCA members. Non-members can purchase an SCCA weekend membership at the event for $5 BEFORE going to registration. Those purchasing a weekend membership will receive a $15 credit toward the purchase of a yearly SCCA membership. 
Times:  Mandatory drivers meeting at 8:30 am.
Course walking 7:45am-8:15am.
Registration 7:15am-8:15am.
Tech 7:15am-8:15am.
First car out no later than 9:00am.
Course will be closed for walking at 8:15am.

Cal Poly Pomona's FSAE team will once again be making us hungry while we drive, firing up the BBQ's for burgers and drinks. We encourage a donation to help them raise funds for their team effort. 
Safety:  September can be hot in Fontana. Please dress accordingly and bring plenty to drink.

Helmets must conform to Snell 95 or newer.

Some loaner helmets will be available. These have not been sampled for contaminants, but rest assured - they're in there.

No alcohol or other intoxicants may be used by anyone on the event site.

Speed limits - Pits 5 MPH; Access road 25 MPH. Failure to abide by these limits may result in immediate dismissal from the event, without refund. 
Special Rules:  This is the FSAE Volunteer Event. The first 60 eligible FSAE volunteers who submit their entry by noon on Thursday, September 4th are guaranteed free admission. Eligible FSAE volunteers who cannot make the event or are not admitted must send notification prior to the event that they would like their alternate $45 Solo$ in lieu of the practice. Solo$ may only be used directly by the eligible volunteer.

The event is capped at 75 entries. The initial Entrants List will be published the evening of Thursday, September 4th on the Events forum. Non-FSAE entrants and FSAE entries submitted after the first 60 will be selected by Magic 8-Ball depending on the number of FSAE entrants.

Run groups are assigned by color. Co-drivers should split themselves over multiple run groups if possible.

The three run groups will be 1:10 each, morning and afternoon. Worker changeover will be on the fly and lunch will be 45 minutes.



Closed exhaust - maximum 95db @ 50 ft.

Children under 18 years old MUST have a waiver signed by BOTH parents. Waiver forms are available at

Event Officials:  EventMaster -
Registration -
Timing and Scoring -
Course Designer -
Tech -
Gate -
Safety Steward -
KJ Christopher
Renee Angel
Rick Brown
Pete Loney
Jeff Ringer
Kurt Rahn
Shauna Rios

This event is sanctioned by the SCCA and operated by the Cal Club Region.
It is held under the SCCA Solo Rules and Cal Club Supplemental Regulations

Pre-registration is not available for this event.